Featured                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS

January 30th@ 6:30pm

Entry - $5 or D&D purchase

Tyranny of Dragons Month 2

January 31st 2015

Format - Constructed

Entry - $20

Start time - 11am

1st Place - $200 prize credit

2nd Place - $100 prize credit

3rd/4th Place - $75 prize credit

5th/8th Place - $25 prize credit

Swiss Rounds / 45 min Rounds / Best 2 of 3

*more than 40 players will pay out cash!!



Early sign-ups and payments can be made here --->>>

Welcome to Ready to Play Trading Cards

Ready to Play is here for the player.  We provide a friendly and fun atmosphere for each and every player. 


If you are NEW, come down to the shop for some casual play and learn a little something from our more experienced players or come for any of our Weekly Tournaments.  


Be sure to visit our Article section for tournament reports or for inspiration. Don't forget the Video section either, where you can find FNM matches and inside information on new decks and sets. 


We also Buy, Sell, and Trade Magic the Gathering, Cardfight Vanguard, Yugioh! and other gaming cards. 

We purchase most of our single cards from local players.


Browse through our eBay or TCGplayer store showcasing some of the many single cards we carry. 


We are located outside of Columbia in the Cayce area.  Hope to see you at the shop!


Learn more about us. 

New Mutants

January 31st @1pm

Entry - $5 or booster purchase

Format - 600 point constructed

January 31st @ 5pm

Entry - $5 or ship purchase

100 point constructed

Winter 2014 OP

February 7th @ 12pm

Entry - $10

100 point constructed

2015 Store Championship

February 8th @ 1pm

Format - Legacy

Entry - $10

Prize support store credit

February 13th @6pm

Entry - $5 or ship purchase

Format - Constructed


Fate Reforged Game Day

February 14th and 15th @ 1pm

Entry - $10

Ready to Play brings you StarCityGames Double IQ Weekend with PPTQ Vancouver at the Standard Event!!!

Sat Feb. 21st @11am

This event will be a PPTQ also!!!

Sun Feb. 22nd @11am

Door prize drawings after each round of play!!!


Early sign-ups and payments can be made here --->>>

JLA Trinity War

February 23th @ 6:30pm

Sealed Event 

Entry - $25

Preorder Elspeth vs. Kiora today!!

Releases February 27th

Star Trek - Attack Wing

"A Matter of Honor"

February 28th @1pm

Entry $5 or ship purchase

JLA Trinity War

February 28th @ 3pm

Sealed Event 

Entry - $25

Sunday Smash Off 3

March 1st

Melee @12pm

Smash 4 @1:30pm

2 tournaments / 1 day

Entry - $10 per tournament

 March 6th @ 7pm

BT01 Sneak Preview

Entry - $20

Format - Limited

 March 14th @ 1pm

GPT Las Vegas

Entry - $30

Format - Modern

Top 8 will draft Modern Masters


Dragons of Tarkir

March 21-22

Preregister for $20

16th - Midnight Sealed

17th - 12pm Sealed

17th - 5pm 2HG

17th - 10pm Sealed

18th - 12pm Sealed

18th - 5pm 2HG


Ironman Challenge

Preregister 5 events $100 - FREE Drink/snack per event

Preorder booster boxes, cases and fatpacks NOW!!

In store only!!

Singles preorders start 3/16


Pay and Preregister early using Paypal today!!

Early Sign Up - Pay Here
Hosted by Ready to Play Trading Cards @ Ready to Play


Registration begins

8am - 9:45am

Start time - 10am

Entry fee - $25

Saturday States  Standard Format

Sunday States Modern Format


Booster Drafts

Khans/Fate- $15

Win-a-Box - $15
Commander Pods - $5


Early sign-ups and payments can be made here --->>>