Warhammer Dual ITC Tournament

Warhammer Dual ITC Tournament


This will be a Dual ITC... 10 player spots for 40K and 10 player spots for AOS.

Army Painting and Points

Armies should meet a 3 color minimum for this tournament. Tournament will be 2000 points. Please use the ITC guidelines for army construction. You may play if armies are not painted, but will not be eligible for the best painted army.

Prizes and awards
1st 40% of the entry fees

2nd 25% of the entry fees

3rd 20% of the entry fees

Best painted 15% (voted on by the players)

Register for event

The event is $20. and includes BYOB, so feel free to indulge in a beverage of choice. We are limiting the event to 10 players in each format, so you must register prior to the event.

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