Warhammer Dual ITC Tournament

Warhammer Dual ITC Tournament


This will be a Dual ITC... 10 player spots for 40K and 10 player spots for AOS.

Army Painting and Points

Armies must meet a 3 color minimum for this tournament. Tournament will be 2000 points. Please use the ITC guidelines for army construction.

Prizes and awards

1st 40% of the entry fees

2nd 25% of the entry fees

3rd 20% of the entry fees

Best painted 15% (voted on by the players)

Register for event

The event is $25. Breakdown: $20 entry fee plus $5 for lunch (Burgers, hot dogs, chips & a drink). You may register and pay through Paypal. We are limiting the event to 10 players in each format, so you must register prior to the event.

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